Best ATI Bulb Combinations for Your 8 Bulb Fixture

It’s easy to spend hours deciding which T5 bulbs to use over your tank. It’s challenging to visualize how your combination of bulbs will look in your fixture. While a lot of aquarium lighting is based on personal preference, here’s a general guide to help you select bulbs for your 8 bulb fixture:

16K – 20K – Bluish white with a noticeable blue and red under-tone
5 ATI Blue Plus
2 ATI Coral Plus
1 ATI Purple Plus

12K – 16K – Cool white with a noticeable blue and red under-tone
4 ATI Blue Plus
3 ATI Coral Plus
1 ATI Purple Plus

10K – 14K – Crisp white with just a hint of blue
4 ATI Blue Plus
2 ATI Aquablue Special
2 ATI Purple Plus

For aquariums with a lot of LPS corals, a True Actinic bulb can be used in place of Purple Plus to provide enhanced pop in coral color.

About ATI Bulbs
ATI T5 high-output fluorescent bulbs have been at the forefront of T5 bulb technology since their introduction in 2000. ATI use the latest advances in light-emitting phosphors and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration and more stability. ATI bulbs are a great value and a preferred choice of aquarists around the world.

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