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Coral-optimized Reef Light

Let your reef thrive.

ATI lighting and water care products are designed to maximize coral growth and health to make your aquarium look its best.

Life in color.

Beautiful lighting selection to suit the needs of your tank’s ecosystem.

Straton LED

  • Uniform light distribution
  • Programmable
  • Ultra-thin profile

LED Powermodule

  • LED + T5 hybrid
  • WiFi programming
  • Precise control & programs

Dimmable SunPower

  • Built-in control
  • Create dawn/dusk; daylight
  • Active cooling system


  • 10 years of proven results
  • Miro silver reflectors
  • Independent bulb control

T5 Bulbs

  • Time-tested quality
  • Proven coral growth results
  • Create color combos

T5 bulb combos to help achieve the right color.

ATI T5 bulbs have been at the forefront of development and technology since 2000. They provide improved coral health and growth in nearly any combination.

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Science rules!

Our newest series of water care products and services can help create a beautiful balance of chemistry in your aquarium.

ATI Labs

  • 48 elements tested,
    more than ICP
  • PhD-reviewed
  • Custom, hand-picked recommendations

ATI Essentials Pro

  • Comprehensive
    2-part dosing
  • Dose equal parts
    of each
  • Super strong formulation delivers support your tank

ATI Elements

  • High purity elemental
  • Chemistry adjustments
    made easy
  • Elements for better coral color & growth

ATI Nutrition

  • Smart nutrient
  • Drive coral growth
  • Scientific control, simple dosing

Dosing Pump

  • 6 individually
    programmable heads
  • Countless
    scheduling options
  • Check valve ensures primed line

Let PhD scientists analyze your tank’s chemistry.

ATI Labs offers ICP+ testing to give you the best picture of your tank’s health. Your results are reviewed by PhD scientists, who offer personalized dosing recommendations for your tank’s specific makeup through your online portal.

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